BBC News: Why do Chinese pupils do so well in school tests?

A study from the Institute of Education has examined why these children of Chinese migrants are so high-achieving. It examined Australian schools, where 15-year olds from Chinese families are the equivalent of two years ahead of their Australian classmates. The study pointed to factors such as hard work and parental engagement.

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BBC News: ‘Teachers not footballers’ needed by Brazil


There is a shortage of some 300,000 primary school teachers. At the other end of the education journey there is space for less than 20% of all students in Brazil’s highly regarded public universities – the rest pay fees for qualifications of variable quality. In the protests that have swept through Brazilian cities, education is a recurrent theme on placards and in social media.

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BBC News: What makes a conference really irritating?


Conferences are an inescapable part of academic life. They have many positive virtues – such as air miles and a chance to polish your reputation in public. But let’s be honest, they can be irritating. Put on your misspelt name badge and consider a few of the downsides – and then you can suggest your own least favourite items on the agenda.

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BBC News: Lessons in girl power in Ghana’s schools


There are women walking through Accra’s crowded streets performing remarkable balancing acts. They have pyramids of fruit, water bottles and coils of clothing carried in bundles on their head. Their backs are ram-rod straight, their footing certain even in the steaming wet heat of Ghana’s rainy season. But there are other bigger balancing acts facing young women in this West African country. How do they stay in education and avoid pressures such as early marriage and leaving school without any of the basic skills needed for work?

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