Smarten Up – It’s Time to Build Essential Skills (2015)


Smarten Up – It’s Time to Build Essential Skills, a report by Janet Lane and T Scott Murray, was published this week by Canada West Foundation.

If every worker had the essential skills needed to do their jobs really well, productivity and competitiveness in the West would soar. But four in ten do not.

Download a pdf of the report from the DataAngel website or visit the Canada West Foundation publications page.

BBC News: ‘Back to school’ for parents in Singapore


“It’s all about understanding what students do at school and how to solve complicated problems using the latest methods,” said Nur Hidayah Ismail, the principal at Genius Young Minds tutorial centre. As a previous school teacher in a state school, parents kept asking me for help to coach them. I saw there was an urgency because they don’t know how to coach their child at home,” she added. “When I resigned I thought I needed to help as parents were out of touch with the syllabus.”

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BBC News: Latin America’s Wake-up Call on Global School Tests


In Latin America, the regional rankings of these international tests taken by 15 year olds in maths, reading and science, are headed by diminutive Chile, ahead of economic powerhouses like Brazil and Mexico. But most countries remain off the ranking completely.

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BBC News: World Fails to Reach Millennium Education Targets


The promise that all children globally would have primary education by 2015 – pledged by world leaders in the millennium year – has officially not been achieved. Unesco says there are 58 million children without access to primary school and 100 million who do not complete a primary education. Only a quarter of countries achieved the goal of halving adult illiteracy.

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