12 Questions to Highlight the Importance of Government Action on Essential Skills

Canadians have a collective interest in understanding the determinants of productivity growth and the social and economic processes that generate inequality in the things that we value most: employment, income and health. The available data suggests an urgent need for investment that serves to raise both the economic demand for, and the supply of, language, literacy and numeracy skills.

12 Questions to Highlight the Importance of Government Action on Essential Skills summarizes the logic that supports the case for investment in Essential Skills: the language, literacy and numeracy skills that adults need to apply their technical skills and knowledge to world-class level.

The underlying policy analysis was undertaken by DataAngel Policy Research.

Related documentation: The Case for Government Investment in Essential Skills
Related documentation: The Business Case for Investment in Essential Skills in Numbers
Related report: Smarten Up – It’s Time to Build Essential Skills

You can download pdfs of all our documents here: DataAngel | Resources


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